About Us

What is MitchMarket

MitchMarket is the live and free online Marketplace of MitchCap, the leading Ecosystem for Equipment Distribution. There are over 3000 OEMs, 2000 Distributors and 12000 Dealers in Australia. We provide solutions that connect OEMs, Distributors, Dealerships and You! Every Dealer and National Distributor on MitchMarket (including OEMs who function as National Distributors) have been accredited by MitchCap.


How we can help!

We will help you find the perfect equipment for your needs, but equally, we understand the Dealer/Customer relationship doesn’t end on the Delivery Day, who you buy from is also important! MitchMarket will help you research the best equipment available, follow the best Dealerships and Brands, and make your equipment adventure – the best possible!

Accredited Dealerships

Like you, most people prefer to buy from authorised dealerships. Just real equipment, at real dealerships. No paid sponsored adverts or paid preferences – we want to connect you with the best Dealers in the Market we know and have accredited.


What are Premier Brands?

Premier Brands are Factory Brands that partner with MitchMarket, they do not pay for listings or adverts! Each brand has been accredited by our team of experts at MitchMarket, and they all support and stand behind their products and dealers.

Live Equipment Marketplace

Equipment Listings are live from Dealership Show Rooms! Sold equipment is removed and new equipment is verified and added automatically via our world class real-time CDP technology!

Follow Your Favourite Dealerships and Brands

Join the community and connect with your favourite local accredited dealers and brands! Get up to date information on their newest models available to buy and rent today. Equipment availability updated daily!
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You agree and acknowledge that MitchCap and all its related entities, subsidiaries, officers, and the Dealerships, do not:

(a) make any warranty, guarantee, representation or any other statement as to the quality, suitability, fitness for purpose or otherwise of the Dealer’s equipment, products or services;
(b) guarantee that any of the Dealer’s equipment will be available for reservation or purchase;
(c) guarantee that the Dealer’s products and services will yield any particular results nor meet any needs you may have nor that any of them are suited to your particular needs nor that they would or could comply with any particular standards;
(d) accept, that we will not accept, any liability for any damages or loss of any nature suffered by you arising in any way directly or indirectly out of your ordering, purchasing, consumption or use (or attempts at any of the foregoing) of MitchMarket or of a Dealer’s products or services nor out of any dealings you have had, or may have with any Dealer.
All equipment has been purchased by the Dealer as inventory for sale or rental. MitchCap monitor the equipment via physical stock checks and via technology to verify its availability for sale or rent. The Dealer is obligated to update MitchCap when the equipment is delivered and it is then removed from the MitchMarket in a timely manner, however, some equipment will be (a) under customer deposit (b) still in transit to the dealer (c) sold and not yet delivered. As such, please enquire directly to the Dealer as to whether the equipment is still available to purchase.